Aquanil-X Concentrate 1 Gallon

Makes 10 gallons of ready to use Aquanil-X. 280-400 Cars Depending On Size and individual usage.
Aquanil -X Waterless Wash and WaxAquanil -X Waterless Wash and Wax
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Makes 10 gallons of ready to use Aquanil-X.   Treats 280-400 Cars Depending on size, condition and individual usage.  1 Gallon of Aquanil-X Super Concentrate makes 10 gallons of ready to use Aquanil-X.

How to mix:
Mix 1 part Aquanil-X Super Concentrate to 9 parts of water.  Pour approximately 14 ounces of Aquanil-X Super Concentrate into an empty gallon jug and fill with water.  To add to a CroftgateUSA trigger spray bottle, pour approximately 3.5 ounces Aquanil-X Super Concentrate into the empty 32 ounce bottle and fill with water. Put the trigger spray cap on and use.


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