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Team CroftgateUSA first would like to thank the Carolina Camaro Association for welcoming us... Mike and the crew have been ALWAYS so accomodating and yesterday was proof  , as usual!!!!  Team CroftgateUSA brought out the BIG GUNS , 70 Flashback  , The CroftgateUSA Mustang , the 2000 horsepower Rimz One  Camaro and then  THE baddest camaro ever, Mike Mashburn's 1968 Camaro! The crowds were stunned by the shine and perfection of the vehicles Team CroftgateUSA displayed!  Let's talk numbers. 650 cars showed up for 150 trophies and 4 special awards, Besides Mike and I taking home trophies , 20 out of 150 WON awards using our products AND 1 specialty award went to one of our clients!   I also want to say a HUGE Thank YOU to the Blue Oval Club and The Ford Owners Association!!! Both clubs, with guys like Buster Moore, James Sipes, Wayne Goode and Lyle Sturgis and WAY too many to mention could not stop the accolades to other potential clients !!!  We love the enthusiam and again  , on behalf of CEO Rick Sures , we THANK YOU!!!!! We have so much fun at these events,and you guys make it possible !!! So , in that case I  THANK YOU!!!!!!!   Have a GREAT THANKSGIVING !!!!