Wrap Care
After Care JP

$23.95 each


Cleans, Seals and Protects Gloss/Carbon/Brushed Metallic/Chrome and more

  • Clean, seal and protect just finished or older wraps
  • Long lasting protection with a brilliant shine
  • Contains anti-statics for dust repellant.
  • Continued use ensures that dirt, dust and other contaminates come off easier as they adhere to the coating of Wrap Care AFTER CARE-JP and not your on your investment!
  • Mother Nature and general conditions can cause color vinyl & images to look dull. Wrap Care AFTER CARE-JP contains color depth enhancers to combat this.
  • A Spray on - Wipe on - Wipe off Technology. Sets up immediately!
  • Use on vinyl, paint, glass, plastic and other solid surfaces.No VOC/No Petroleum Solvents/No Listed Hazardous Materials.

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CroftgateUSA’s superior micro fiber towel construction allows an extensive number of uses and can easily be machine or hand washed to be used again and again.