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"I have grown up a fan of a couple competitors to CroftgateUSA, since the age of 16. Now at 34 I have to say I am a Croftgate loyalist through and through! The results I achieved in an hour or less are far superior to anything I have ever achieved in 3 hours. And living in Florida cleaning, washing, waxing, detailing your car in August is not a fun task so I was happy to get in and out of the 100 degree weather in an hour. Thanks Croftgate for an incredible product"
Donnie Salter
Pace, Florida
Owner of the Silver Mustang Registry.


It will be crazy busy as we introduce new technologies!! Meet NASCAR driver Sean Corr, airbrush artist to the STARS Jason Oberly. Come see 50 time best in show winner 70 Flashback and Motorcycle Legend Sam Baldi with "lost angel" Sam is a consecutive 3 time winner.

See Live demos, autographs, giveaways, pictures and Q&A with the CroftgateUSA staff all week and most of all come see Frank Defeo do what he does best!



Avery Dennison announced the launch of the “Wrap Like a King” Challenge featuring Avery Dennison® Supreme Wrapping Films. Avery Dennison GraphicSolutions is hosting the competition with supporting sponsors, West Coast Customs and Croftgate USA. Over $25,000 in prizes will be given away to participants and voters. Avery Dennison announced today the launch of the “Wrap Like a King” Challenge featuring Avery Dennison® Supreme Wrapping Films. “Wrap Like a King” is a competition for professional vehicle wrap installers in the United States and Canada to show off their skills by creating unique, well-installed car wraps with Avery Dennison Supreme Wrapping Film between August 1 and September 15.

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CroftgateUSA has launched a range of 4 products for the Wrap Installers and for the owners of vehicles with a wrap. Both Rick Sures and Frank Defeo said  "With the help of Justin Pate a master wrap instructor and installer  we  formulated a High Performance & Eco responsible range". The range consists of Surface Prep – Adhesive & Heavy Duty Surface Cleaner – Wrap Care After Care JP Matte to clean,seal and protect Matte- Wrap Care After Care JP to clean,seal and protect Gloss/Carbon/Brushed/Metallic/Chrome and more


QVC gets a CroftgateUSA exclusive for The One, a general multi surface cleaner and polish for interiors and exteriors. Frank Defeo can be seen on QVC demonstrating the product. Frank said" it is fantastic to work with such professionals who have the power to move 1000's of units in minutes and have such a loyal following.

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Infiniti of Charlotte became  a user and reseller of CroftgateUSA products. Frank Defeo was able to show them how 4 croftgateusa products would reduce their costs but eliminate so many products they used. They offer croftgateusa inside and have placed a nice video about the products in their waiting room.

While at the DUB SHOW , Frankie and the crew were looking for that 1 car that needed some T.L.C. (Tender Lovin Croftgate) and we found it not 20 feet from the CroftgateUSA booth !! It was a Black (or so we thought) S500 Mercedes. The President and CEO, Rick Sures spotted it a mile away.... He actually made a   comment of "Who's car is this and Frankie....... FIX IT" So we found the owner, he gave us permission , and needless to say the car was NOT Black but BLUE !!! CroftgateUSA not only removed the haze, which was very bad, BUT made the blue pop so much, the owner was blown away !!!! Oh, and by the way.....That Mercedes won BEST Mercedes. CroftgateUSA family, we only do things one way.....The BEST!!!

Thank you to everyone who came out to see us at the DUB show on Saturday. We enjoyed everyone telling us how amazing our Waterless Car Wash. We even got to demo for some new customers and showed them  just how our Waterless car wash can do the job better than using a hose.