It's not just about how your car's about the chemicals you use to clean it. There are various value-driven companies committed to bring a superior line of waterless car wash products that do not harm the planet or the user. The waterless car wash products are usually made with safer ingredients. The companies offer products that meet the performance expectations of their customers.

The basic operating principles of waterless car wash and wax companies include:

  1. Manufacture high-performance waterless car wash products with minimal impact on the environment throughout each product's entire life-cycle.
  2. Formulate waterless car wash products that are free of harmful solvents, additives, volatile organic compounds, phosphates and eco harmful detergents.
  3. Maintain the highest quality standards by ensuring their waterless car wash products are more effective than traditional counterparts.
  4. Demonstrate transparency in dealings with their customers and the surrounding community.

How to wash and wax a car?

Here are few comprehensive set of steps of waterless car wash procedure to help clean and polish your car in the best manner.

Waterless wash steps:

  1. Use in direct sun light or a shaded area.
  2. Spray waterless car wash product onto a twice folded microfiber towel, to pre-wet
  3. Spray waterless car wash product onto car, one panel at a time.
  4. Take the pre-wet micro fiber towel and wipe gently to remove surface contaminants.
  5. Quickly use a second dry micro fiber towel and buff area to a shine.
  6. Repeat, working your way from the top of the car down.


As an alternate to the old hose and bucket wash, try a waterless car wash product. According to the International Car Wash Association, one waterless car wash will save between 80-140 gallons of water per each car wash. If you choose a truly eco-friendly waterless car wash product that is good for your health, the health of your family and pets and the health of planet earth, you are making a difference.

Your perfect car washing or cleaning kit should consist of:

  1. Waterless car wash & shine: Wash your car without water!
  2. Waterless car glass & mirror cleaner: No ammonia and smelly fumes!
  3. Waterless car tire & dash dressing: Condition, protect and restore natural suppleness to your interiors!
So, if you are looking for waterless car wash products made from sustainable, biodegradable ingredients, just visit

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